Hi Ladies! As I am planning out content for the New Year, I noticed a common theme among my most liked photos and most purchased items. You gals are all about the DISCOUNTS, DEALS, & AMAZON ITEMS. This makes me so happy because I love a good bargain and although I splurge every now and then on designer items, they aren’t the “bread and butter” pieces in my closet. The majority of my outfits are things I’ve found on sale so I am so excited to share my top 10 best sellers of 2018.

  1. FP One Adella Bralette This is the perfect layering bralette for tanks, tees, and sweaters. It’s regularly under $40, but you can get up to 20% off if you wait for a sale and it comes in tons of colors.

2. Chicwish Grid Turtleneck Sweater Dress

The perfect date night look!

3. Chicwish Sassy Start Lace Top

Perfect on it’s own or under a chic blazer

4. Moonlit Night Crochet Cami Dress 

The most romantic dress for summer! Perfect for our brides-to-be!

5. GG Dupe Amazon Belt 

I have the real deal and the dupe version (only $35) and it’s honestly hard to tell which is which!

6. Henley Waffle Knit Top 

Loved the UO version but this Amazon find is under $20!

7. Leopard Sneaks 

I’ve been wanting a pair of GGDB’s but who can justify that price tag?? These knock offs are only $24! They also have a great tan and white version.

8. Sherpa Hooded Pullover 

Okay ladies, this one is only TEN DOLLARS. Enough said.

9. Teddy Coat 

The softest teddy moto coat you’ll ever find. For ONLY $33, it’s totally worth those weird looks from your husband 😉

10. French Upholstered Dining Chair

These chairs were my top selling home item for alll of 2018. They are a little pricey at $164 per chair, but they go on sale ALL the time!

And that’s it ladies! I am so excited to bring you more sales, discounts, Amazon finds, and totally-worth-it dupe pieces. You’ll also see a lot more home & beauty content from me this year. Is there anything else you want to see? Let me know if the comments!

xx Kelli

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