Hey babes! Today I am excited to share part one of my SheIn clothing review. Ever since I posted this photo on Instagram, I’ve received a lot of messages and emails asking if SheIn is a trustworthy company and how I would rate the quality of clothing. Let me start by saying I would never post an outfit that I wouldn’t recommend to others. However I will be very transparent in my review. I’m right there with the next girl in trying to find a style on a budget, but I will say it takes some time to sift through a website like theirs to find the right piece.

So to answer your question in short, yes SheIn is a reputable website and you can find some great deals. I will say, I’ve received pieces I LOVE (i.e. this blue and white babydoll top) and other’s that I returned or donated. Some things are definitely a hit or miss so I’ve listed a few things you should always check before buying from SheIn or any other online store like this. Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way!

  1. Check Sizing: SheIn’s sizing is totally different than US sizing. Check their sizing chart and I would recommend measuring a top or pant you own to compare measurements. Their small is MUCH smaller than a US small.
  2. Read Reviews: Most of the clothes have reviews so make sure to carefully read them and look at the uploaded photos of buyers wearing the pieces. Buyer pictures are always the best in my opinion so you can see how the pieces actually fit. When you’re reading the reviews, check to the sizing, quality, and material.
  3. Consider the Quality: There is a reason for the saying, “You get what you pay for.” SheIn’s pieces are much cheaper in price than some other websites, so just keep that in mind when ordering.
  4. Check Social Media: With any website, I make a habit of checking social channels to see their pictures, following, etc. just to see how other’s view the brand and get a gauge on their reputation.

Overall, I have been very happy with my purchases from SheIn. If you are considering ordering from their website, I would definitely follow the steps above to ensure you are happy with your order!

I linked my top and a few of my other favorites below. Thanks for stopping by!


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