Our Nighttime Routine with CeraVe

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Our nighttime routine has become such a special time in our house. Ashton does best when we follow the same routine each night before bed. Once he is asleep, I have my own wind down time every night that is so precious to me! I’m excited to share the routine that has worked for us! Let’s dive in!

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Ashton’s Nighttime Routine

We start winding things down around 6:30-7PM each night. I usually let him play in is playpen or with Dan while I get his bathtub ready. Ashton LOVES his bath! He is such a water baby and it’s literally adorable to watch! I bathe him and then let him play for about 10 mins.

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Since Ashton’s skin is so sensitive, we make sure to use gentle bath products. We’ve been using CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo each night and it smells amazing! It’s a gentle, tear-free shampoo that cleanses sensitive skin and hair without any irritation. It contains three essential ceramides to help maintain baby’s skin barrier and is fragrance-free!

After his bath, I use the CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Lotion which smells equally amazing to the shampoo and provides long lasting moisture. He normally doesn’t get much diaper rash, but if he looks irritated I’ll use CeraVe Baby Healing Ointment as well. The healing ointment also works great for any extra dry skin patches on your baby.

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Following the moisturizer, I’ll put him in a night diaper and his pajamas.  We usually read 2 books, have a 6 oz. bottle, and I lay him down in his crib. I always turn on his sound machine, give him his pacifier, and say goodnight. It helps to put him down drowsy, but awake so he learns to fall asleep on his own. He is usually sound asleep by 8PM.

Kelli’s Nighttime Routine

Once Ashton is in bed, I usually try and answer a few emails and finish up any blog work for the day. On those extra long days, I’ll also treat myself to a glass of wine and some Bravo because I love my RHONY. After relaxing for a bit, I usually start getting ready for bed around 9:30PM.

The first thing I do when getting ready for bed is take off all my makeup and wash my face. I use the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser which is perfect for sensitive skin. My skin is usually dry to normal and I’ve always been super sensitive! Definitely where Ashton gets it from!

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After my cleanser, I apply a toner and then moisturize. I like to use the CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion because its really lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. I love that CeraVe has a wide range of dermatologist developed products for all skin types so I can use them for myself and for Ashton!

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Then I get into my pajamas and head to bed. Dan and I sometimes read for a little, but I usually fall asleep fairly quickly because mom life is hard ya know?! Anyways, I hope this helped give you some insight into what our nighttime routine looks like!

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