My Go-To Baby Product for Sensitive Skin

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Hi Friends! Today I want to talk about my go-to baby product for sensitive skin. Ashton has had sensitive skin since day one, so it’s very important that we use the best products for him to help prevent and treat a rash. There are so many diaper rash creams on the market and it can be hard to find the right one for your baby. After a lot of research I discovered the best product for us, Triple Paste.

Triple Paste is one of the best diaper rash creams on the market to help prevent, treat, and soothe diaper rash. Not all diaper creams prevent and treat diaper rash so this was a huge plus for me. Triple Paste was not only recommended to me from my pediatrician, but it’s also dermatologist tested and endorsed by the National Eczema Association. Ashton sometimes gets dry skin, especially after a warm bath so these were all things I was looking for when choosing the right diaper cream.

Another important factor to me when choosing a diaper cream is the fragrance. I hate using products on Ashton that have a really strong smell like some diaper rash creams we’ve tried in the past. Triple Paste is fragrance-free, dye-free, and hypoallergenic! It’s perfect for a baby with sensitive or irritated skin. It also starts working really fast. I’ve noticed that Ashton’s rash will clear up in a few hours after Triple Paste has been applied.

I always use a little on Ashton before he goes to bed at night to help prevent any future diaper rash from happening. It makes me feel better knowing that he will probably be sitting in a wet diaper when he wakes up, so having that extra protection on his sensitive skin is very comforting!

I also love that you can get Triple Paste on Amazon! 2020 has been all about convenience so I love when I can easily add items to my cart online. I always keep 2 jars of Triple Paste on hand. One for my diaper bag and one for my changing station in Ashton’s room! You can find Triple Paste on Amazon here!

I hope you found this post helpful if you are also in search of finding a premium diaper rash cream for your little one! Make sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to win your own Triple Paste bundle!

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