Let’s Talk about Tape-Ins

Today as promised, I wanted to give you all the details on my new extensions from ARK Beauty Lounge in Pittsburgh. I tried to answer all the questions I’ve been getting lately, but if there is something I missed be sure and reach out!

Where did you go and what kind of extensions did you use?

I went to Amanda Ireland at Ark Beauty Salon on McKnight Rd. We used 4 packs of 18 inch Extensionolgy Tape Ins in color 1B.

Why tape ins and do they damage your hair?

For me, this was an easy and safe way to achieve full, voluminous hair. I’ve worn clip ins for years and started to notice breakage from the weight. Tape ins are extremely light and look more natural because they lie almost completely flush against the head.

Can you still put your hair up without noticing them?

Yes, I was able to immediately put my hair in a low pony. Once they grow out a little (it took me about a week), I was able to put them in a high pony.

How is the washing/drying process?

I was expecting this to be a pain, but it really hasn’t been at all. I wash my extensions every 2-3 days and let them air dry. If you are letting your extensions air dry, I would recommend doing this in the AM and not going to bed with wet hair. Also, make sure to use a WetBrush when combing your hair!

How do you sleep with your extensions without damaging them?

I’ve been sleeping with a low pony or braid each night and use a scrunchy or Invisibobble to put my hair up.

How often do your extensions need moved up?

Once the extensions are applied, you will need to visit your salon every 6-8 weeks to have them moved up. This depends on how fast your hair grows!

What happens at the maintenance appointments?

Your stylist will remove your extensions, wash them, add fresh tape, and re-install the hair back at your roots.

How long until I need to replace my extensions?

If you take good care of your hair, the extensions can last up to 2 years!

I hope this post helped you girls and if you’re interested in learning more about extensions, you can reach Amanda here for a consultation!

xo Kelli

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