How to Stay Productive with 2 under 2

So if you’re new here, I have a 2 boys, Ashton (23 months) and Cole (3 months) and let’s be honest. Having two kids under two years old is no easy task. We all have good and bad days, and that’s totally ok! Today I will be sharing a few of the tips I’ve learned on how to stay productive with 2 under 2.

Prep a Rough Schedule

I’m all about the lists so I usually use my planner, notes on my iPhone, or paper and pen to make a list of what I want to accomplish the next day. I include anything and everything from work tasks, cleaning, working out, dinner prep, beauty regimen, etc. There is something so satisfying about crossing off things on your list.

I’ve even got in the habit of telling Ashton everything Cole & I did while he was at daycare. It’s great because it introduces new words to Ashton and encourages conversation, but also gives me an extra boost and reminder that we DID in fact get things done – even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

Make it Fun

I’ve found that playing with the same toys everyday or doing the same activities starts to get old for Ashton and myself! Adding something new to our routine really seems to excite him and keep him interested longer. That doesn’t mean you have to run out and buy new toys. You can easily use everyday things around your house for new activities.

One of Ashton’s favorites is plastic cookie cutters and tupperware containers. He sorts them and moves them back and fourth between containers. This will keep him busy for a good 2o minutes if not more. You can check out a bunch of at home toddler activities I saved on a Pinterest board here. I also highly recommend toy rotation to keep things fresh! I keep a few bins in my basement and will swap them every week or so.

Roll with the Punches

No matter how much you plan, things will go wrong and meltdowns will happen. Don’t beat yourself up! Take a minute if you have to and then keep on mommin’.  Toddlers are wild and I tell myself daily, “this phase will pass.” Since having Cole, I’ve realized that babies don’t keep so try to enjoy these early stages as much a you can.

Take Advantage of Nap Time

Whatever that means for you, take advantage of that nap time! I can’t usually nap so I use the time in different ways. I try to do my most difficult task (aka hard to do with kids) when the babies are napping. I’ve found it’s pretty easy to clean or do laundry with Ashton awake, but getting in a workout is near impossible. So schedule your time wisely!

Have a Backup Drawer

I’ve found its good to have a backup drawer if I need to buy myself a little extra time or if my original plan for the day hasn’t kept them interested. Think toddler meltdowns, your kid won’t nap, or you just need a few minutes to yourself.

I have an emergency drawer of little toys that I can pull out to buy me sometime if our schedule has been completely thrown off. It’s full of random toys and crafts I picked up at the dollar store or Target dollar spot. Ashton’s favorite are those No Mess Magic Marker Pads and Color books. Total game changer and always guaranteed to keep him busy if I need to do something with Cole.

Make Tomorrow Easier

I try to do as much as I can after I put the boys down to make things a little easier for myself the next day. This helps especially if we had a rough night or early morning. Here are a few things I do nightly:

  • Lay out Ashton’s outfit for the next day
  • Do a quick clean up of toys downstairs
  • Run the dishwasher
  • Wipe off kitchen counters and take out trash
  • Lay out Cole’s boppy & blanket on the counter (where I put him when Ash has his juice/getting shoes on and ready for daycare)
  • Have Cole’s car seat in the kitchen, easily accessible
  • Have one pair of shoes laid out in Ashton’s sight so he grabs the one’s I want him to wear 😉
  • Prep a morning bottle for Cole
  • Preset my Keurig
  • Lay out a workout outfit for myself to wear for drop off/morning workout

This list may not apply depending on your child’s age, but any of those little tasks you can check off the night before always make my morning go more smoothly. Plus coming downstairs in the morning to a “slightly” cleaner kitchen always makes me feel better.

Hopefully these tips were helpful for you mamas and if you have any others, I’d love to hear them! And to all the moms with more than 2 kids, you all are the real rockstars.


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