Happy Hour at Home & What to Wear

Since we are all spending our nights in these days, I wanted to share some happy hour at home ideas and what to wear. We usually have happy hour a night or two each week just to relax and enjoy some time together. Today, I am putting together three looks and three ideas for throwing a great happy hour at home.


Once a week, after we put Ashton to bed, Dan and I will have a little date night just the two of us. We usually pick out a new recipe off Pinterest, dress up, and cook together while enjoying a nice bottle of wine. It’s fun to put on real clothes and cook something different. It almost feels like we are actually out for date night. I definitely suggest doing this if you are bored with your normal routine. If you need a dinner ideas, check out our Pinterest dinner board here.

happy hour at home


Fresh air is such a mood booster! If the weather permits, we always spend some time outside. We both love making a cheese plate and sitting on our deck with a glass of wine. If you don’t have an available outdoor space, try driving to your nearest park. A good friend of mine posted some pictures of her and her husband picnicking out of the back of their SUV with a take out pizza. I thought that was such a fun idea and a great way to switch up your normal routine!


Dan and I are both homebodies so naturally one of our favorite happy hours is cuddled up on our couch. Lounge wear is a big part of my wardrobe and I love being comfy. We’ve been watching different documentaries on Netflix recently and I will be publishing a “What to Watch” List later this week!

I hope this gave you some new ideas on how to have a happy hour at home. I’d love to hear your ideas below in the comments!

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