When it comes to creating the perfect balance of closet staples and statement pieces in your closet, I live by one rule: neutral colors. Don’t get me wrong, this does NOT mean your closet has to look like mine – a sea of black, white, tans, & blush. If you love color, you should definitely incorporate those pieces into your closet.

My rule of thumb when purchasing statement or investment pieces – try to stick to neutral colors so things can be worn multiple ways & for various seasons. For example, it’s very easy to make a classic tan trench coat look great with multiple outfits & although a violet trench may look ultra chic, it’s much harder to classify as a staple wardrobe piece.

One other important thing to remember is to make sure your closet flows. When colors, style, and fabrics flow together, it’s so easy to mix & match basics and statement pieces. I am a true believer that your style will start to evolve as you get older, so making sure you have a good timeless, neutral base to build on & add to is everything!

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