Ashton’s Big Boy Room

I shared Ashton’s big boy room reveal on Instagram last week and wanted to go into more detail here. We are using his nursery for the new baby so I wanted to get Ashton acclimated sooner rather than later.

My favorite part of his room are the accent walls. For the crib wall, I added peel and stick decals from Amazon. These were very easy to apply and I talk about the process in more detail on my “Ashton’s Room” highlight on IG. They are also very easy to remove which is perfect for someone who likes to change things up frequently! I used 4 packs of decals for his big boy room and they are under $15 a pack. This is a MUCH cheaper option than peel & stick wallpaper.

This next picture is of his little reading nook. We sit here each night and read books before bed. I added a pin board because he makes so much artwork at school and I wanted a cute place to display it for him. I also added woven storage baskets all over so we have additional storage for books, toys, etc.

Next. we have his dresser and book wall. The book wall is my other accent wall in black. I love the contrast against the white and the pop of color with all of his books. These acrylic shelves were also an Amazon find and are super affordable. I plan on getting a little stool for below so he can reach the second shelf.

Last, his closet! Anyone that knows me well, knows how I love my organized closet spaces. I keep extra diapers and wipes in the larger baskets and accessories that aren’t used as often in the baskets at the top.



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