Hi Ladies! I am so excited to talk about today’s topic – Winter Makeup Tips – because let’s face it, winter can be harsh on our normal beauty routine. Between the dry climate, cold weather, and excessive use of heaters, my lips get chapped and my skin is noticeably dry and flaky. That’s why it’s essential to step up our beauty game before heading out into the windy, snowy air.

One of my resolutions this year was to revamp my winter beauty routine and with some help from my friends at Boscov’s, I’ve put together 7 Winter Makeup Tips to keep my skin radiant and makeup looking flawless! Let’s jump in!

boscovs winter beauty tips

    1. Moisturize to the Max:

      Each morning after washing your face and before putting on makeup, generously apply a good moisturizer. Applying after you cleanse helps lock in moisture and gives us that dewy glow we all love. Moisture is key, especially in colder months, in keeping skin hydrated and preventing excessive drying and flaky patches from appearing. Look for one that is non-acnegenic with moisturizing ingredients that combat irritation and flakiness. My recommendation: Clinique iD Moisturizer + Concentrate for Lines & Wrinkles with Dramatically Different Lotion ($39) to hydrate all day and protect against skin-damaging pollution.

    2. Prep with Primer:

      Using the right primer is a must! Think of primer as the base for foundation that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. It’s also a life-saver for getting your makeup to stay put in winter weather! My recommendation: Lancome Prep & Hydrate Primer ($35). Achieve that radiant complexion with this lightweight hydrating primer that leaves skin smooth and prepped before applying makeup. This fresh formula provides a soothing feeling and hydrates the skin for 24 hours, keeping it soft and luminous.

    3. Flawless Foundation:

      By now my sun-kissed glow is long gone and my skin often looks duller in the season’s dimmer daylight. To combat dullness, I like to use a foundation one shade lighter than my skin tone with a velvety matte finish.  Also make sure you are using an oil-free, hydrating formula that contains moisturizing ingredients since our skin tends to be drier this time of year. My recommendation: Lancome Teint Idole Foundation ($47) for a luminous glow, maximum coverage, and also great for your skin.

    4. Lash Love:

      Say it with me, it’s allllll about the lashes. I like to keep my eye shadow minimal (if at all) and make my eyes pop with a dark high volume lash. I’ve tried lots of mascaras over the years and have found my ride or die products that I wont leave the house without. My recommendation: Lancome Grandiose Extreme Mascara in Nior ($32) for exceptional volume, remarkable length and maximum lift. I love the unique swan neck wand which allows effortless application of every lash from root to tip.

    5. Protect your Pout:

      Lips dry out easily from bad weather so you should always apply some kind of protection before heading outside. When my lips are dry I like to exfoliate with a warm wash cloth, apply a protective lip balm, and top it off with a long-lasting lipstick. My recommendation: Dramatically Different Lipstick in shade Barely ($19.50). Each shade has a pearl center that sculpts and contours, providing an immediate appearance of a smoother pout.

    6. Switch up your Scent:

      I like to change up my perfume each season and I’ve been wanting a new signature scent to transition into spring. I am naturally drawn to light floral scents but wanted something with warm undertones since we’re still covered in snow here in Pittsburgh. My recommendation: Coach Floral Eau de Parfum ($78). This feminine scent opens with hints of rose, jasmine, and gardenia—before a dry-down to elegant patchouli essence with soft musky notes. It’s the perfect scent to wear now and into the warmer months!

    7. Finish with a Fresh Face:

      This isn’t any groundbreaking news. Always, always, always take off your makeup before climbing into bed. Even if you’re too tired or not wearing that much…DO IT.  And while we are on the subject, makeup wipes do not get all your makeup off. Instead, get yourself a makeup remover that isn’t too oily or harsh on your skin. Follow up with moisturizer. My recommendation: Take the Day off by Clinique ($19.50) because it’s super light, fragrance free, and easily removes stubborn makeup.

boscovs winter beauty tips

I hope these winter beauty tips were helpful! They have definitely helped me keep up with my beauty resolutions and protect my face (& makeup) from the cold weather! If you have any other winter beauty tips, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Kelli xx

Thank you to Boscov’s for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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